Bake America Great Again

This patriotic spin on favorite baking recipes serves as a good reminder of what, in fact, makes America great!  Recipes include Rights Krispie Treats, Patriotic Pretzles, Freedom Fudge, Bananas for Liberty, Brownie Nation, and more! 

From the eye-catching red, white, and blue foil cover to the four-color line illustrations throughout, this patriotic spin on tried-and-true favorite baking recipes serves as a tribute to how sweet it is to focus on what it is that really does makes America great! 

With just a little clever tweaking of the icing, gingerbread men are transformed into We the People cookies. Key Lime Pie, Vermont Maple Muffins, and Big Apple Strudel are among the classic favorites that feature specialties from all over the United States. Rights Krispie Treats, Patriotic Pretzels, Freedom Fudge, and Brownie Nation are just a few more of the 50 delicious, easy-to-make recipes in this book. And what better way to end a meal than with a little piece of the U.S. Mint?

Inspired by creative moms who wanted to teach their elementary school children a positive way to make a difference, a Bake America Great Again bake sale at a local NYC children’s bookstore raised money for the ACLU.  Supporting this cause, a portion of all proceeds from the sales of this book will be donated to the ACLU.

Bake America Great Again | | 4.5