Cooking with Christ

(SPECIAL EDITION – PaperBack) The ‘COOKING with CHRIST COOKBOOK’ – is an actual recipe book based on Biblical meals along with The Feasts and Festivals of The LORD listed in the Holy Scriptures. It features OVER 150 Recipes for menu items including: Nutritious Meals, Biblical Bill of Fare, Mediterranean Cuisine, American a La Carte, and Good Ole’ Country Cooking. The book also details healthy living practices and reflects on the value of eating nutritious and whole foods. There are also tips on food preparation, “kosher” diets, fasting practices and detoxification; everything from appetizers to main courses, camel steaks to veggie dishes, sauces and seasonings to cooking from scratch and making your own healthy breads; while also including information for food preservation and storage techniques as well. “Cooking with Christ” draws from the combined Judeo-Christian beliefs and traditions. Our companion book, COOKING with CHRIST: “A Recipe for Spiritual Growth,” features teachings on Christian fellowship, the aspects of true spiritual living, the Biblical feasts and festivals; and provides a New Testament understanding of the Old Testament roots in our shared faith, with a focus on Jesus Christ as the Messiah and His Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. The primary purpose and theme of ALL the “Cooking with Christ” books, is a metaphor for bringing Jesus the Messiah into every aspect of our lives – as to “cook” with our Lord Jesus Christ, is to allow Him to be the “Master Chef” – in preparing the recipes for the whole of our lives through His “cookbook,” the ‘WORD of GOD’ in the living Holy Bible – and the examples He reflected for healthy living.

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