Glenbard West High School: A History (Paperback)

This book is a compilation of efforts. A majority of the text is taken from a photocopy of Glenbard West High School’s history. The author-or authors-of that manuscript remains unknown. Now retired art teacher, Howard Schwartz may have had a hand in it. He certainly should be credited with taking care of so much historic items, such as pictures, photos, artworks. Howard’s greatest contribution was the work he did to make room 428 an official archive room. The oak bookcases and the display cases are the pinnacle of his effort. I need to also thank Allie Dahlgren, the very first president of the Glenbard West Historic Society. She was just a sophomore. Thank you, too, Glenbard West alumni, for your amazing support and information on this school. It has been such an honor getting to know you. The story of this school is absolutely fascinating.

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