Keto Field Guide: Cookbook and 14-Day Challenge (Paperback)

Welcome to your 14-day guide to resetting your metabolism and reaching your best health. Ketogenic eating can be intimidating, but SSOHealth is bringing you an easy solution with our Ketogenic Field Guide. Get up to speed on the basics of ketosis and the ketogenic diet with our carefully curated FAQs. Enter a state of ketosis quicker with less hassle by following our meal plans, grocery lists and recipes! Challenge yourself and track your progress through the 14 daily journal pages and meditations. Also Included in this book is a guide on how to build muscle and stay in ketosis without injury, tips on eating vegetarian in ketosis, a 5-day no-cook option for busy weeks, and a restaurant/alcohol ordering guide for when you need to deviate from the meal plan. Getting into ketosis is only half the battle. We want you to reap the benefits of ketosis for years to come! That is why our unique approach includes expert advice on how to make long-term changes that produce real lasting results. We share with you our secret to successfully tackling changes through our “Planning for Success” process. You will feel fully prepared, empowered, and excited to begin your challenge and change your eating habits for good. We can’t wait to see you succeed!

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