Learning The Keto Way For Beginners (Paperback)

Are you frustrated with the failed diets? Have you tried every fad diet on the market, to only put the weight back on and then some? Do you suffer from fatigue, foggy head, and many other ailments so many people face today? My wakeup call and conversation with myself…Oh my God what happened to me? You think this as you stand in front of the mirror naked… Looking at yourself… Almost sickened and what you see in front of you. How did I get this way? How have I become… Fat? But just not fat, I mean really fat. How did I get this way? I used to look at myself in the mirror and there was a skinny me staring back, but today I look in that same mirror and don’t recognize the person that I’m looking at. So how do we get here? We lied to our self. That’s the conversation that I had with myself back in August 2017. We just moved back from Panama after living in Central America for four years. While we lived in Central America we ate rather healthy. Both Tracye and I were not overweight, but we weren’t ideal weight either. When we came back to the United States, it seems like our life goal was to eat our way through Houston and every restaurant we could find. We missed Mexican food.37 pounds later I looked myself in the mirror and asked myself, what happened. How did I become so fat? I was barely fitting into my jeans, extra-large T-shirts were fitting rather tight, I couldn’t put my right leg up on my left knee to tie my own shoe because of the pain, in fact I had a hard time bending over to tie my shoes and often would get winded. That’s the state that I was in. My BMI stated that I was class 1 obese nearing class 2 obesity. I had pain in my joints, my right hand was becoming arthritic, my right shoulder was in constant burning pain, I was getting winded just walking up the stairs to our second floor. How many of you reading this right now can sympathize with that? Clothes don’t fit anymore? Climbing a flight of stairs makes you winded? Can’t bend over to tie your shoes or if you are able to you keep coming up for breath of air. What we need to do is be honest with ourselves, we are fat. And how we got here is by lying to ourselves. I’m big boned….I just have a slow metabolism…this is part my DNA…being healthy and physically fit is not easy….it’s cheaper to eat this way than to eat healthy.No matter how many excuses you come up with to deflect the blame of obesity it boils down one thing your individual nutrition and your activity choices. You became fat because you have been lied to for decades about what a healthy diet was. You have made poor food choices, you sat on the couch rather than take that walk. Being healthy and physically fit is not easy. Oh Really? That is not what we found out. We have got to stop telling lies to ourselves. We need to stop making excuses. My wife and I have discovered that living a healthy life IS easy and if we can do it, so can you. We have found and discovered that in the ketogenic a way of life that is sustainable and enjoyable. We believe in it so much we became certified coaches and teach others the keto way of life. Let us help you and show you how easy it really is. Discover the healthy you again and learn to live a healthy happy life once more.

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