Salt : Cooking with the world’s most popular seasoning

Salt : Cooking with the world’s most popular seasoning

‘Salt now goes far beyond basic table fare, with intriguing varieties popping up from all parts of the world’ (Wall Street Journal, December 2015). Its primary role is to accentuate and enhance other ingredients in a dish. Valerie�Aikman-Smith presents recipes that use gourmet salts to amplify the flavour profiles of dishes made at�home.

In this beautiful book, top cook and food stylist Valerie Aikman-Smith introduces you to all kinds of salts,�from French fleur de sel to smoked salt. Her Appetizers include Olive Suppli and Gazpacho with Smoked�Salted Croutons. In Main Courses, you’ll find the classic salt-crust method with new twists, such as Indianspiced�Lamb in a Salt Crust, or how about Spicy Pork Satay with Roast Salted Peanut Sauce? In Sides and�Breads you’ll discover tempting flatbreads and pretzel bites, while Drinks and Sweets include Black Olive�Martini, Bloody Mary with Celery Salt, and Chocolate Chip Cookies with Sea Salt? Be amazed as the flavours mingle in your mouth. Finally, a chapter of Rubs, Butters and Brines offers you dozens of versatile�ways to jazz up grilled meat or fish, vegetable crudit�s, or crisps. Once you’ve tried Valerie’s stunning�recipes you will never look at salt in the same way again.

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