The Complete Keto Cookbook For Beginners (Paperback)

A talented chef once said, “Let me sample a delicious dish and I’ll marvel at its flavor but doubt it was created by any mere man. Teach me how it’s made, and I’ll believe myself to be the genius who could make it in 5 minutes.”

The Keto diet is likely the most successful fad the internet has ever known; simply because it works. With tons of testimonials from influencers and celebrities, many average joes have tried to replicate the results while seeking to understand the workings behind the seemingly “magical” effects. But they have no idea where to start.

That’s where we come in.

The Complete Keto Cookbook for Beginners concisely explores and explains:

  • The origins and science of the Keto diet
  • How and why it provides astonishing results
  • Everything you need to know to get started
  • The best pick-me-up breakfast recipes
  • Exotic keto recipes for meat lovers
  • Extremely tasty vegetarian and vegan recipes
  • Delicious desserts, tarts, and smoothies
  • And the most diverse keto soup, stew, and curry recipes you’ve ever seen

A journey traveled alone is bland and boring. Spice things up with The Complete Keto Cookbook for Beginners as your guide to a healthy keto diet.

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