The Cooking with Plants 15 Minute Cookbook (Paperback)

The Cooking with Plants 15 Minute Cookbook (Paperback)

Oh yes… here it is…
The Cooking With Plants 15 Minute Cookbook!
Loaded with 100 ‘no-stress’ tasty vegan recipes that anyone can cook in 15 minutes or less.

Yet another jaw dropping cookbook from the international plant based meal mentor, Anja Cass ( Quick… simple… and tasty! PLUS, you’ll never get bored thanks to the huge variety or recipes including one pot wonders, stir frys, salads, wraps, hot oven dishes as well as easy prep slow cooker meals.

Anja’s creativity for fast, tasty and oil-free plant based food will leave you wondering how it can actually be vegan. She uses everyday ingredients with easy to follow step-by-step instructions plus a detailed selection of substitutions which is great of you have allergies or don’t like certain ingredients. Best of all, EVERY recipe in this book also has a full colour photograph.

If you’re busy or short on time, but want something delicious that’s good for you, then this is the cookbook for you!

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