West Virginia Hometown Cookbook

Fill your kitchen with the aroma of deep southern dishes from the locals of West Virginia. We’ve put together all of the easy-to-follow recipes along with fun-filled facts about this great state into the 7th edition of our STATE HOMETOWN COOKBOOK SERIES. Whether you’re looking to barbeque and grill, or indulge in a traditional, habit-forming, homemade apple butter, you’ll find it here with these authentic down-home recipes straight from the heart of West Virginia.

Satisfying your appetite for that irresistible southern cuisine has never been easier! From their home to yours, you’ll fall in love with local, tried and true recipes from hometown cookbooks across the state. Just open this first-rate new cookbook and you’ve got a dining experience at your fingertips with favorites West Virginia Cast-Iron Sugar Snap Peas, Golden Delicious Wassail, and First Lady’s Cornbread Salsa to Molasses Raisin Cookies, Mom’s Hot Fried Buttermilk Chicken, and Pawpaw Chiffon Pie. From Frosted Hone

West Virginia Hometown Cookbook | | 4.5